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One of our favorite clincher road racing wheelsets. They may look like any other set of wheels from a distance, but under closer inspection, you'll notice the 25mm Plus wide C2 rim. This Scandium masterpiece is incredibly strong and only weighs around 430g. But what makes it better than the common 25mm rim? A standard 23mm or 25mm tire on a C2 rim are the same width, the sidewalls are fairly straight, and the width of the rim spreads the tread contact patch out. With straighter sidewalls and more rubber on the road, cornering is an entirely new experience. The sidewalls don't flop over in a hard corner, and more rubber on the road is, well... better. C2s should be run with lower pressure (more comfort, too), since there is more air volume in the wider tire profile. The same tire on a 23mm rim looks more like the profile of a light bulb. The curved sidewalls flop over under hard cornering, there is less rubber on the road, and more air pressure is needed to prevent pinch flats. Features HED's Pro hubset Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes (18F radial, 28R 2x drive/radial non-drive) and quick releases. Sold as a pair. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 3 years

MPN: Ardennes Plus
1523g (front and rear) without QRs700c10 and 11 Shimano18F 24RBlack spokesCLOSEOUT * * * $669.88$40