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0197 ... Campagnolo Power Torque OS-Fit integrated cups - 2011 ... $40.00

Campagnolo's optional bottom bracket shell adapters to use an Power Torque crank on a press fit (non-threaded) frame. Compatible with all Campagnolo Power Torque cranksets. Double check with your frame supplier to make sure you get the right one.

0197-42EAN: 8033874117453
MPN: IC11-PT42
68mm x 42mmBB30 $40.00
0197-46EAN: 8033874117460
MPN: IC11-PT46
68mm x 46mmBB30 $33.88
0197-86EAN: 8033874117446
MPN: IC11-PT41
86.5mm x 41mmBB86 $35.88