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1811 ... Hutchinson Intensive Road Tubeless tire ... $51.00

Hutchinson designed the Intensive to be a great all purpose training and racing tire. It's (might be) a little bigger and more durable than the race-oriented Fusion or Atom, so it's perfect for city training and centuries. Designed for use with compatible road wheels (see Campagnolo's 2-Way Fit wheels). Ultra light 127 tpi casing and carbon bead technology to prevent it from dismounting in the event of a puncture. Can be used with a tube for repair. We also recommend Hutchinson's Rep' Air patch kit (#1622) and Fast' Air inflator (#1621). 700c only, folding bead.

LickNotes: Actual width on our shop demo tire was 22.8mm. Not exactly any bigger than a Fusion, but it still should be more durable. Tire will be easier to install if beads are started opposite the valve and work your way towards the valve while squeezing the beads already in the rim together to ensure they stay in the middle of the rim well, this will make it easier to roll the last part of the bead over the top of the rim.
Hutchinson Intensive Road Tubeless tire

1811-00EAN: 3248382042011
MPN: PV521731
320g700c x 25mmInflate 87 - 116psi $51.00