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3694 ... XBikeShipper Double wall box with $500 Protection Plan ... $44.95

(FREE $500 damage protection included with this unit through eBikeShipper is the low-cost solution for shipping your bicycle. The container is constructed of layered, high-quality double-wall corrugate and is designed to withstand the compression and impacts experienced during air and ground shipment. Critical areas of the shell will contain four layers of double-wall corrugate when fully packaged. Its small size and dimensions will minimize the cost of shipment. To pack the bicycle, the following components must be removed: Both wheels and quick release skewers, pedals, handlebars and/or stem, seatpost and saddle, fork (in some cases) and front brake (in some cases). The eBikeShipper ships folded in a flat package and weighs 14lbs. (6.4kg). Once the carton has been fully assembled and packed, its dimensions are 43x32x11in. (110x82x28cm). Since the combined length and girth of the package is 129in. (330cm), no oversize fees will be charged and it will be billed on dimensional weight (92lbs). In addition, the eBikeShipper meets all small package requirements for international air and ground shipping for UPS, DHL, FedEx and all major international air carriers. Our service has an extensive damage claim database of over 30,000 shipments within the USA and in foreign countries, Out of thousands boxes shipped between 3/2012 and 3/2018, the EBikeshipper has had a damage rate 3 times lower than any hard cases and 5 times lower than the standard cardboard boxes. The average lifespan of an EBikeshipper box is 8 to 10 one-way trips. Made in the USA. Available for ground shipping or pick up. Note:This unit fits an entire bicycle including the two wheels. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 1 YEAR XBikeShipper Double wall box with $500 Protection Plan

3694-0014321143KRAFTFree $500 protection plan. $44.95$20