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3696 ... eWheelShipper Wheelset Container ... $31.95

The eWheelshipper is, simply put, the least expensive and most secure container available for shipping or traveling with delicate or high-value bike wheels. High-quality double-wall corrugated cardboard and an internal support beam in the center of the package will protect your wheels from careless baggage handlers or tumbles off of conveyor belts. If you ship your wheels in the eWheelshipper, you can rest assured that they will arrive at their destination in one piece.Use for 4-8 shipments without a problem. Made in USA. Guaranteed for One year

LickNotes: We've been selling mail-order bike parts for nearly 40 years and we've learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Take it from us: never use a cheap box to ship bicycle wheels.
eWheelShipper Wheelset Container

3696-00UPC: n/a
MPN: K9474
6 lbs.42L 7W 27H inches KRAFTAlso great for frameset shipping $31.95$16.00