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3698 ... AirCaddy k9100 Compact Bicycle Travel Container for all shipping ... $109.88

This is the first bicycle travel container where you do not have to take your bicycle completely apart. All you have to do to ship your bicycle is remove the front wheel, rotate the handlebar upward, and lower or remove the seat. The pedals and rear wheel remain on the bicycle, so all of your brake and gear adjustments are not altered, and your bike can be ready to ride in 6 minutes from the time you pull it out of the box. The unit folds completely flat into a box, 32in. x 40in. x 3in. The fork mount system is steel and has a lifetime warranty. The model K9100 is made out of 275 pound test cardboard. Note: As of 1/12/2008 the AirCaddy bike containers meet all USA truck standards, and are designed to be shipped by DHL, United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx. For dimensions, please use 58 inch length, 22 inch width, 31 inch height. Maximum total weight is 60 pounds. For more details go to or Guaranteed for 1 year. Weight 22 lbs. This 2014 model now fits 98% of all 700c and 26 inch bicycles up to 69cm. Note: some top end mountain bikes may need a special fork adapter which have 15mm or 20mm axles.(#4044) Made in the USA. Available for ground shipping or pick up. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 1 YEAR AirCaddy k9100 Compact Bicycle Travel Container for all shipping

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