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6774 ... 2016 SIDI Ergo 4 White Shoe ... CLOSEOUT * * * $299.37

Sidi's premier road racing shoe features the Vent Carbon Sole: the same stiffness as the world-beating Carbon Lite Sole, 38 grams lighter, with vents that can be opened and closed for 4-season comfort. Redesigned Adjustable Heel Retention Device: the best heel closure available gets better, with a wider design, ventilated lower cut, and softer, more compliant material for improved comfort and efficiency. Caliper buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental adjustment. Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points. Patented Techno II Buckle System precision ratchet with monofilament closure. High Security Velcro front strap won't shift or slip. Vented Dual Density Insoles. Compatible with 3-bolt road style cleats.The Vent Carbon Sole is stiffer and lighter than SIDI's Carbon Lite Sole, with integrated vents and air channels for heat dissipation and comfort. The vent features a sliding cover that leads to two longitudinal channels that direct air underneath the perforated footbed. Made in ITALY.

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2016 SIDI Ergo 4 White Shoe

WHITECLOSEOUT * * * $299.37